Dennis Herrell
Dennis Herrell


Dennis Herrell has been writing poetry for forty years during his adult life as teacher, outside sales person, and, lately, antique dealer. He is like every poet in the world – always in training, and painfully aware of it. Enter his world to read some poems he has had published.


American Haircut



It was haircut day

and a sign said Don's Barber Shop.

I entered Americana circa 1955;

the right hand wall offered kitchen chairs


and magazines that a man needed

for fishing, golfing, and auto mechanics,

enriched by a bible and bible almanac

below two eagles protecting an American flag.


The walls had photos of men

in fresh haircuts and suits

talking to a man with scissors.

I saw mounds of hair in the linoleum corners.


I walked over to the center chair,

where Don himself stood in polyester

and vitalis listening to talk radio

and nodding in agreement.


I looked at the sign that said

       In God We Trust

     All Others Pay Cash.



Dennis Herrell

( 1/9/04 – Pegasus)                                                                                            


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