Dennis Herrell
Dennis Herrell


Dennis Herrell has been writing poetry for forty years during his adult life as teacher, outside sales person, and, lately, antique dealer. He is like every poet in the world – always in training, and painfully aware of it. Enter his world to read some poems he has had published.





I will stand on the bed

and make a speech to your back

talk about what is wrong   what to do

what if and why not

right now to the back of your curly head

though I know your dark eyes are open

and long silky eyelashes

fluttering   fluttering

a thousand moths beating their wings

against my words   breaking them

into syllables   then the scattered lettered sounds

drifting across your shoulder blades

falling off your haunches and long bent legs

until I have spent all my words

against your eloquence.



Dennis Herrell

(5/16/12 – Blue Unicorn)



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